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Florida Politics

Personnel note: Devon Nunneley joins Lockwood Law FirmNunneley, who’s practiced law in Washington, D.C., at two of the nation’s leading law firms, comes on board with JohnLockwood’s boutique regulatory law firm in Tallahassee. “Devon brings complex civil litigation experience to our firm that will enhance our gaming, administrative and cannabis law practices with her unique skill set,” Lockwood said in a statement.

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Florida Politics

State approves ending dog races at Miami track” via Dara Kam of the News Service of Florida – The Magic City decision is rooted in a 1980 Florida law that allows Miami-Dade and Broward pari-mutuels that have the lowest betting handle for two consecutive years to convert to summer jai alai permits. But if those pari-mutuels do not seek conversion, other facilities can seek the permits. The Miami dog track’s lawyer, John Lockwood, first sought the summer jai alai permit for Magic City in 2011. In a declaratory statement … state regulators said Florida law gives the track the green light to do away with dog races, as long as the jai alai matches take place at the same facility where the current greyhound permit is operated. “The jai alai fronton is going to take up significantly less space than the greyhound track, so this frees up West Flagler to develop its property to the highest and best use,” Lockwood said.

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News Service Florida


THE CAPITAL, TALLAHASSEE, July 20, 2017……… Florida gambling regulators this week gave a Miami dog track permission to ditch greyhound races but keep more lucrative slot machines and card games, in a first-of-its-kind ruling. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation on Wednesday granted a request from West Flagler Associates, which operates Magic City Casino in Miami, to replace dog races with jai alai matches, as part of a drawn-out legal dispute over a controversial “summer jai alai” permit.

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State grants Miami track’s request to let the dogs out, play jai-alai instead

Miami Herald


The Miami dog track’s lawyer, John Lockwood, first sought the summer jai-alai permit for Magic City in 2011.

After much legal wrangling, the department’s Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering denied the track’s request to do away with dog races, launch jai-alai games and keep lucrative slots that the track began operating after voters signed off on the machines in 2004.

Florida gambling regulators this week gave a Miami dog track permission to ditch greyhound races but keep more lucrative slot machines and card games, in a first-of-its-kind ruling.

Management of a Florida marijuana operation changes hands

Jacksonville Business Journal


DFMMJ plans to invest $20 million over the next year on “medical cannabis infrastructure,” according to Tallahassee lawyer John Lockwood, who represents Chestnut Hill as well as the newly formed management company. The money will be spent on dispensaries throughout the state, he said.


A Canadian-backed firm will take over management of Chestnut Hill Tree Farm, one of Florida’s seven medical marijuana operators, the companies announced Wednesday. The deal involving Aphria Inc., a marijuana grower and processor based in Ontario, and Chestnut Hill comes on the verge of a massive expansion of Florida’s medical-marijuana market, sparked by a November constitutional amendment that broadly legalized medical pot.

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Failure of Gambling Bills in Florida Leaves Industry in Limbo

Orlando Weekly 


“All parties involved would like to see a resolution of this issue. They just have different visions of what that resolution should be,” said John Lockwood, a lawyer who represents a variety of pari-mutuels and recently won the summer jai alai decision on behalf of West Flagler Associates, which operates Magic City Casino in Miami.


Thousands of gray-market slot machines could pop up in sports bars and strip malls, full-scale slot machines might launch in at least eight counties and several new cardrooms could open in South Florida, thanks to lawmakers’ failure to pass gambling legislation this session.

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Gambling Deal Closer, Including Dog Racing, but Problems Remain

Naples Daily News 


Regulating gambling falls under the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, a Cabinet-level agency with a governor-appointed secretary who oversees monitoring of businesses and professionals in Florida.

“Unless they create a gaming commission or something similar, they won’t be able to address loopholes that are yet to be identified,” said John Lockwood, a Tallahassee-based lawyer who has used Florida’s weak regulatory system and what he refers to as its archaic laws over the past decade to expand gambling for his clients through state courts.


TALLAHASSEE – Lawmakers are closer to a gambling deal that could expand gambling in Florida and toss a requirement that sites offer dog racing or other live events if they want to feature card games.

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Court Ruling Could Add to South Florida Gambling Locations

Miami Herald 


But, siding with Lockwood’s arguments Tuesday, a three-judge panel of the 1st District Court of Appeal found that the language in the statute regarding the “two next years prior” only applied to pari-mutuels that want to convert their permits to summer jai-alai permits, not to pari-mutuels seeking new permits.


TALLAHASSEE—In a decision that opens the door for a poker room in downtown Miami — and possibly others throughout South Florida — an appeals court on Tuesday decided that gambling regulators were wrong to deny a new pari-mutuel permit to a Miami operator.

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