Administrative and Regulatory Law

The Lockwood Firm prides itself in exceptional legal counsel and representation for our clients in administrative legal matters. Our attorneys are there to help you understand and strategize your business plans in conjunction with implemented regulations. The attorneys at Lockwood have experience navigating the intricacies of administrative law while working with regulatory agencies. Our relationships yield the best results for our clients whether they be individuals, businesses, or even federal, state, or local entities. The Lockwood Firm holds expertise in all stages of the regulatory process and is committed to using our virtuosity to serve our main priority, our clients.

Appellate Advocacy

Our attorneys are highly knowledgeable in the appellate process and have a profound understanding for the vigilance needed to provide our clients with effective representation at the appellate level. The Lockwood firm offers skilled litigators in even the most complex and difficult cases.

Casino Gaming Law and Policy Complex

The Lockwood Firm has a unique specialization in gaming law, giving our attorneys knowledge of the gaming industry among local, state, and federal rulings. Our attorneys bring legal guidance to clients who need greater insight on the complexities of major transactions in gambling, racing, betting, casino, and other gaming affairs. We are devoted to helping our clients navigate the multifaceted local, state, and federal legislations and offer skilled representation before gaming regulatory bodies.


The Lockwood Firm offers excellent representation of our clients at the trial court and appellate level in our wide range of areas of practice. Our attorneys take the time to get to know our clients, their businesses, and the complexity of each case in order to best represent our clients invincibly in court. The Lockwood Firm has the experience to serve your litigation needs.


Our attorneys are identified as regulatory law experts. Not only do our attorneys have experience in working for individuals and businesses, but we are accustomed to representing regulatory agencies against private parties as well. Our attorneys have worked and formed great relationships with regulatory agencies, particularly in Florida. This work has also cultivated our attorneys as experts of the law and given us deeper understandings to the inner workings of the government’s policymaking processes. Our experience in governmental law has best equipped us to represent clients on either side of a case.

Contract Disputes

Our attorneys are seasoned and well-versed in legal discourse. The Lockwood Firm strives to provide clients with a thorough understanding of any contract they may take part in and ensure their greatest contentment.  Our attorneys are proficient in negotiating for our clients and their interests, and work to successfully resolve contract disputes for individuals, businesses, or corporations.

Health Care

Our attorneys hold expertise in representing both individuals and companies among the health care industry. With years of experience working with the Florida Department of Health under our belt, our attorneys are well-acquainted with the internal workings of health care regulation. Our background gives us a unique perspective which allows us to provide extensive knowledge and assistance to our clients in need of guidance or advice, transactional work, compliant policy-making, legal representation, and more.

Integrated Policy and Strategic Planning

The attorneys at the Lockwood Firm have an exceptional amount of insight to coherent policy-making of regulatory agencies and the governances that are in place. Our attorneys are distinguished for their ability to formulate legal strategies that output favorable results for our clients. We offer superior and thoughtful counsel in strategic planning for the businesses of our clients and guide them towards prosperous futures while in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. Our attorneys also use our regulatory expertise in working with lobby teams.

Medical Marijuana and Alcoholic Beverage Law and Policy

With rare specializations in medical marijuana and alcoholic beverage law and policy, our clients depend on us to guide them through the intricate policies of cannabis and alcoholic beverage law. Our attorneys are sought-after for clarification of financial, economic, and distributive regulations, and counsel for compliant strategical planning. The attorneys at the Lockwood Firm are renowned for our understandings of these perplexing ever-changing industries and are committed to helping our clients comprehend the provisions for regulatory compliance.