Casino Gaming and Pari-Mutuel Wagering

The casino gaming and pari-mutuel wagering industry is a large and growing area that presents itself to a number of legal and legislative issues. We represent casino and pari-mutuel operators, investors, financial and lending institutions, management companies, and slot machine manufacturers throughout the United States and in multiple foreign jurisdictions.

On the legislative side, we closely monitors developments and legislation in gaming, and provide our clients with appropriate and timely advice based on our knowledge.Our large and diverse network of gaming contacts allows us to maximize opportunities for our clients. We are actively involved with our clients’ in-house counsel, consultants and lobbyist, which allows us to draft effective legislative proposals, amendments to existing legislation, advocacy talking points, as well as provide live testimony to legislative committees for our clients.

In addition, the casino gaming and pari-mutuel industry is highly regulated by various governmental agencies. We represent gaming clients before regulatory agencies and commissions while also handling complex administrative and commercial litigation.

We understand the gaming industry is not just confined to Florida. We also counsel clients in gaming jurisdictions across the United States and in foreign jurisdictions. We work tirelessly to closely monitor legislation throughout multiple jurisdictions in order to provide clients with timely updates on matters that may affect their business activities or provide opportunities for growth.